Rock the Gear for Me

Jeff shows us his motivation for choosing to rock a jacket... remembering who you'll be holding when you get home from your ride.
Jeff shows us his motivation for choosing to rock a jacket… remembering who he’ll be holding when he gets home from his ride.

It’s that time of the year: hot, sticky, muggy, miserable and the list goes on.  That time of the year when we all wish we had no idea how bad a crash on our motorcycles could really be… you know what I’m talking about. Where we longingly stare at our flip-flop wearing peers and wish we could guarantee a safe arrival home so we too could wear next-to-nothing as we ride down the street. But alas, we know the consequences and so we choose to keep ourselves out of harm’s way despite the blistering heat and scorching temps.  We are those people.

Who motivates you to make that decision? We ride for ourselves, but we rock the gear for those who love us and those we love. Because at the end of the day, what we choose to do affects them as well and we know it. There’s someone waiting for you to come home, relying on you for something important, and hoping and praying that this ride won’t be your last. There’s someone you can’t wait to see again, hold again, and laugh with again. It is these people who silently request, “Rock the Gear for me.” Yes, riders, it’s that time of the year: time to show those you love that you Rock the Gear for them. Say it loud, say it proud… anyway you say it, just say it.


One thought on “Rock the Gear for Me

  1. I ordered a 35 dollar fly vest that you wet it and wear it under your jacket and it keeps you cool for hours!

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