Eye Protection

A beautiful road is in the eye of the beholder…

R1.toeknee 2

Usually, eye protection is as simple as flipping the visor down on a full face helmet.  If you choose to ride with your visor up, or in a less-than-full-face helmet, we strongly encourage you to wear shatterproof eye protection.  Find a pair of riding glasses/goggles that keep your eyes protected, don’t obstruct your vision, and help you see well whether you are riding during the day (tinted or mirrored) or at night (clear or yellow). Most glasses/goggles designed for street riding will come with padded frames to keep air from drying your eyes out or making them water.  Reinforced lenses will help keep bugs from making it into your peepers, and rocks from rendering them useless.  Seeing clearly at all times is essential to your safety on the motorcycle, so take the proper precautions before hitting the open road.  We hope this helps you see the light!

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