About RTG

Inspiration to Create Rock the Gear

Inspiration for RocktheGear.org came from the similar visions and joint efforts of Brittany Morrow and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The MSF has been a long standing pillar in the industry and is synonymous with the brands we ride and wear. The efforts of the MSF date back to 1973 when the non-profit organization was formed, and has been internationally recognized and embraced ever since. Brittany’s vision began quite some time later after an unfortunate and extreme motorcycle accident in 2005.  RocktheGear.org started as a collaboration between the “Gurus of Safety” and the “Queen of Road Rash.”

Brittany’s Inspiration

On September 25, 2005, Brittany was involved in a life changing sport bike accident as a passenger on a GSXR 750.  She spent two months in the hospital and received skin grafts on over 50 percent of her body.  Since the accident, pictures of her injuries and articles about her experience have been posted on over 200 motorcycle forums in the United States alone.

Brittany’s original article on her accident, written in first person form, was published on SpeedFreakInc.com in October 2006, and received 250,000 unique hits within the first month. Since then, it has spread across the world is still receiving positive feedback from readers all over the globe.  Her personal account promotes and urges all riders and passengers to wear gear every time they ride.  Her story has touched millions, and to this day, Brittany is still receiving emails from new readers applauding her for her efforts and encouraging her to continue spreading the message.

Brittany was featured on the cover of the Dealernews supplement GEAR 2007 as a spokesperson for the well known phrase ATGATT; All the gear, all the time and Icon Motorsports. Her story could be found inside the magazine.  Brittany was asked to appear as a special guest at the Dealernews Dealer Expo in 2008 for her involvement with the publication. There, she took part in the Top 100 Gala, classes for dealership owners, and autograph signing sessions alongside some of the industry’s best known riders. During the event, she met Tim Buche, the President of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and the seed for Rock the Gear was planted.

Due to the overwhelming response to her story, Brittany has dedicated her life to the promotion of motorcycle safety apparel and the education of riders regarding this important aspect of the sport.  She has worked with several companies, groups, dealerships, and web communities to spread her message to riders everywhere.  Her  partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation created a web-based campaign urging all riders to “Rock the Gear.”

RocktheGear.org’s launch in 2008 was funded by the MSF through the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety grant program. The campaign is created, designed, and managed by Brittany and a small dedicated team of professionals and motivated riders.


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