The Mission

Rock the Gear Mission Statement

At, we are dedicated to producing a community for current and prospective motorcyclists where information on personal protective apparel is available, positive influence from current riders is abundant, and the choice to ROCK THE GEAR is supported and rewarded.

Rock the Gear’s Vision

We will strive to produce up-to-date information on all the latest available technologies in protective apparel.  Links to new articles from industry-wide sources as well as reviews from riders just like you will be posted weekly. Rock the Gear will ensure that a vast amount of knowledge is always at your fingertips, as well as encouraging the desire to be a lifelong learner.

We promise to always set the highest example of personal responsibility.  Site managers, promoters, contributors and registered members alike will belong to a community that supports a choice to gear up every time we ride.  We will contribute a positive image revolving around protective apparel to every rider at every opportunity.

We encourage every rider to make an educated decision when they choose what to wear.  We foster the notion of all the gear, all the time with such passion that we hope to reward members of the site on a regular basis with public recognition, free gear giveaways, and opportunities to join the campaign team.

Choose to Rock the Gear and become part of the riot…


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