Take a minute to think of all the things you do daily with your hands, and how your life would change if you couldn’t use them… no more high fives, wedgie picking or middle fingers. Unfortunately, that nightmare could become a reality.

Megan Wondo shows us that a high-five with the ground is only cool of you're wearing good gloves!

Megan Wondo shows us that a high-five with the ground is only cool of you’re wearing good gloves!

What good gloves should do: Gloves will protect you from your body’s natural reaction to put your hands out when you’re falling.  The ground is unforgiving at any speed to the soft skin on your palms and fingertips, so gloves act like a second skin and take the worst of any fall.  Most gloves now come with reinforced knuckles as well, to disperse the force from impact and help keep the fragile bones in your hand from breaking so easily.  A moisture wicking liner will help keep your hands from getting swampy in the heat, and a well insulated glove will help keep your hands from turning to ice in the cold. There are so many good reasons to wear gloves, and there are so many styles, Rock the Gear assures that you can find a pair that is just as comfortable for you as it is protective.

How to find the perfect glove: Make sure the glove goes on without WD-40, but one that slips on too easily will be likely to slip off in an accident.  The tips of your fingers should only lightly touch the tip of each finger in the glove.  Just as important, make sure the fabric fits snugly AROUND your fingers and that the fabric isn’t easily twisted while you’re wearing the glove.  Check to see if you can make all normal hand movements and gestures to ensure mobility.  If there are reinforced knuckles, make sure the molding fits well with the natural shape of your hand.  Most gloves are pre-curved to fit nicely around the handlebars or clip-ons, so make sure you can squeeze and open your hand easily.  Short gloves provide no wrist protection, so make sure your jacket covers that area if you decide against gauntlet style gloves.

Squid tip: If we see you riding without ‘em, we’re gonna give ya 2 thumbs down.

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